Making Your Photographs Pop By Adding Blacklight

The first time I explored blacklight photography

The technique itself isn't new; it's been around for decades. But recently, it has gained popularity because of the rise of apps like Instagram and Snapchat

Blacklight photography is a new style of creative portrait photography that uses the visible light spectrum to create a surreal, otherworldly look. It is done using ultraviolet light, which means that it's visible only to the eye when it's not filtered through the eye's lens.

The effect of blacklight photography is achieved by placing subjects in front of a black background and shining an ultraviolet light on them. The light makes the subject glow in a way that looks almost like they're glowing from within.

The most important part of blacklight photography is choosing your subject wisely. You need something that glows under UV light—that means neon paint or fabric work best! Other things that glow include glitter, face paint, and even certain kinds of makeup.

It's fun! There's nothing more satisfying than seeing an image that you've created come to life under blacklight, especially if it involves colorful objects like my model here. This will definately be a new option offered in any package boudoir or portrait