2022 - 1st Annual Boudoir Retreat

Boudoir is all about empowerment. It's a way to celebrate your body, even when it doesn't look quite like the bodies you see in magazines and on TV. But this isn't just about making photographs of your body. It's about allowing yourself to feel beautiful and confident while surrounded by other women who are celebrating their own beauty as well.

We held a two-day retreat in Hocking Hills (Ohio), where we embarked in 8 photo sessions in and outdoors of our private cabin. Snacks and meals were provided by us, a night under the stars in the hot tub! (look at those stars!)

It's time for us to get real here: boudoir isn't always easy. It can be difficult to feel sexy while someone is snapping pictures of every inch of your body. But when we work together as a community of women who support each other in our journeys toward self-love and empowerment? That is magic!

This retreat is designed to empower you as a woman, and show you how much more beautiful you are than even you realize. We want to help you feel beautiful in your own skin—no matter where your skin is on your body or what it looks like. And we want to capture every moment of that beauty for posterity . But most importantly, we want this time—this space—to be about connection and friendship and fun! I think with this first event we did just that.

Below is a break down of each of our session on our long event day, just under that enjoy some behind the camera peaks. After all of that if you are excited to join us next year, we have an offer that will run till New years eve, to lock in one of our few spaces for next year. Its going to be bigger, longer and so much more..

Kitchen Nightmare

Start the Morning Right

On the day of shooting, I got up at 8am and started on our snacks for the day. A charcuterie full of tasty meats, cheese, and fruit. Mimosa are a must! For our first shoot we played in the kitchen. Embracing our in man killer vibes and Emily "attempted" to make us pancakes.

Badass in the Bedroom

Basic Bedroom Boudoir

Although there is nothing basic about these sets. We had 2 rooms to work with, one dark and moody and one light and sweet. Always bringing out the fun props like the dramatic robe and Heavenly Wings.

Bright light in the Blacklight

Black-light fun

This was our second time doing a black-light shoot. These are always a fun time and so cool to do. We added fun elements like flowers that were also painted into the shoot. It was our last shoot of the day and we were all so very tired and just hot tub ready. We love the way this kinda of photography looks

Head in the Clouds

Angels and Demon

The cloud wall, a pain to make and transport but I do not regret the way these turned out. We changed up the light for each person to show their personality and vibe. With two different types of back-lighting. The Wings made another appearance for this one to fully embrace the angel inside.

Field of Flowers

Fun in the sun

We headed outside to enjoy the private large yard and private WATERFALL. Over a half mile from any neighbors we bore it all cover ourselves in only short and a bouquet of flowers. A mix of fake and real flowers to add to the vibrant colors already around us.

Goddess in the Sun

The Three Fates

I cannot express how much I am in love with Goddess themed shoots. This was my first one and they are so gorgeous that I have booked so many more since. The golden flakes and crown with a kiss of golden hour makes these breath taking. Once again everyone took their outfits to a new level with each personal touch

Bubbles in the Bath

We love a Claw foot tub

This album is actually two different sessions. One it the early morning in an empty tub. Then later on filled with Bubbles galore and Milk bath floral. We just could not get enough of this beautiful tub. What is a soak in the bath with out a drink in your hand.

Ladies of the Lagoon

Ice water baby..

Props to the gals who took part in this shoot. We messed up and when we filled the pool it was in the sun and I fully expected it to be a nice tepid feel getting in. We were so wrong, the sun moved and shade covered the pool while we finished other shoots. It was ICE COLD, i could hardly stand in it to take the pictures. But they turned out so GOOD and we know for next time, to make sure the water is warm

Behind the Pictures

behind the camera for blacklight session
Behind the camera for bathtub session
Behind the camera for bathtub session
Hanging in the hotub with some wine
Blacklight flowers
Flowers and tea
Beautiful air B&B kitchen
Beautiful air B&B backyard
Beautiful air B&B bathroom
charcuterie board breakfast
Mimosas in the morning with sunflowers